Friday, March 17, 2017

The Space Adventure!

After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world, and it works wonders when it comes from the kids around. The stories makes us what we are, as more often than not we build ourselves out from the stories. Children, adults, youth, and old alike take up the learnings from several incidents carved out from the stories. There are lot of learnings, inspiration, motivation, life's lessons, etc that one takes up from the stories that aid in building up of the individual and this is one of the reason why children and the little ones are often made to grow up listening and reciting the stories as that would shape the child in numerous ways such as those of character building, career related choices, inquisitive attitude, moral values, ethics and a lot more.
Story narrating and going around with kids has been my favourite hobby lately, as it works wonders for my nervous system in several ways, also not only makes me happy but also enables the enhancement of my creative skills. This time the excitement of story building got even better with the #ColgateMagicalStories packs, which had thousands of stories hidden onto the card of the packets. Though man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilisations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that he himself has sealed.
Holi time being around the corner and the home is filled with the joys of  my nephew and niece and it was fun hearing stories out of their imagination for the space explorations and adventures. I did not believe in the aliens until yesterday when my niece made it sound so exciting for me to discover more about the aliens and read their stories. 
Here begins the story of my nephew where she is on the spaceship with her father for all her missions and adventures she needs her father around as a captain. They place themselves in the space-suits and fix their places in the spaceship. Thereafter they began their mission. The smart kids these days, she decides to switch to google maps on her dad's smartphone and enters the space her destination point. The stars, moon, satellites, meteors, asteroids, and other matter was curiously being spotted by her and her inquisitive attitude made others around involved in the conversation with she asking questions from everyone around. 
"No houses around, no street and no lanes. This is a beautiful and peaceful place and I would like to live here." said her. 
She picked her book and started drawing the objects she was spotting from the spaceship. The galaxy she was drawing on her books was interesting, rather cute. It was getting exciting for me to know what more was held into that tiny brain that was creating so many amazing moments. She began her imaginative talks with her father asking him several questions, about the peace out there in the space, spaceships, satellites, bodies in the air, spotting aliens talking to each other and playing around in the space. 
There sat a little shuttle, bashed and dented. And out of the shuttle landed, the alien. The alien took off its space-suit, we froze in fear, said the little girl. Further explaining that it took off its helmet which made both of us gasp in horror. It was only a small alien though which was hideous, as explained by her.
Her creative nerves questioning about where was all its fur? Narrating ahead, she said it hardly had any - only on its head which were tied in two long, thin ropes, and was a bright green colour. Fur should be brown, like ours. The alien's face was a quite pink. And it had two eyes, where one would be quite enough for anybody. It had no proper tentacles at all - just six long sticks, with five pink wiggles at each end.

And its voice, she greeted it as politely as she could. She is always polite.
'Welcome to our space-ship, O rare and beautiful alien,' she bowed and said.
'Alien? I'm not an alien! I'm a girl. I'm Meera!' quickly snapped the alien. She had a sharp thrilling voice like a knife.
'Who are you?' the alien demanded. 'Where am I? Take me back home at once, this minute!' Both her mouths fell open.
'But - but where is your home?' the scared girl stammered and asked.
'Planet Earth, of course! Where else, nut-brain?' replied Meera.
'There are no planets round here,' said her.
'I know that! said Meera furiously. 'I'm on a holiday, cruising with my parents in our space-ship. I went for a ride in the shuttle by myself, and I got lost in the meteor storm.'
'Oh, poor you,' said her. She actually tried to take hold of the alien's pink wiggles!
Meera shook her away and ordered, 'Get off me, fuzz-face! Take me to your Captain. You're going to help me find my parents.'
'We are? Yes, we are!' said the girl assuring Meera and they high- fived each other and started on a journey to drop Meera at her home with her parents.
She and her father met Meera's parents, the kids played around, went out for a dinner and set back their journey back home. 

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