Thursday, December 24, 2015

Review: The Bestseller She Wrote

Book Name: The Bestseller She Wrote
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Publisher: Westland
ISBN: 978-9385152382
Pages: 391
Price: INR 295

About the author:
Ravi Subramanian is an Indian author. He is a banker by profession and has written popular thrillers about banking and bankers, including award winning trilogy The Incredible BankerThe Bankster and Bankerupt. He is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, he spent close to two decades in the financial services industry. His works include :
2007 If God Was a Banker
2008 I Bought the Monk’s Ferrari
2010 Devil in Pinstripes
2011 The Incredible Banker
2012 The Bankster
2013 Bankerupt
2014 God is a Gamer
2015 The Bestseller she wrote

Book Review: Ravi Subramanian, the author of The Bestseller She Wrote is famous and popularly known for his bank thriller books. Coming to talk of the current title published by him, i.e THE BESTSELLER SHE WROTE, this is his first attempt at romance genre – keeping the large audience in perspective. There are elements of his other books in this latest one as well – the world that Aditya inhabits is the banking one, and some characters are based on real life ones and are easily identifiable. If you are familiar with Indian authors you may be able to second guess who the inspiration for this book was!
Aditya is the main protagonist in the book. He is a successful author and have converted many of his works into some of the great movies. Living a good life with family and wife, a life of fame and good friends by his side, with a good job at hand, when one fine day he visits IIM-B and happens to meet Shreya there who aspires to be a best seller author and there-by tries to take the support of Aditya who is already a marvel in the field. In the process, Aditya being married finds himself attracted to the woman, Shreya, giving birth to an extramarital affair. They both carry it forward till one fine day when Maya, wife of Aditya recovers and finds out about the affair her husband has been in. The wife forgives him, the douchebag. 
The bestseller she wrote is about betrayal, attraction, love, rejection, dejection, and redemption. The romance in the story is cliched. The story revolves across several aspects giving the readers opportunity to turn around into the pages to discover what happens next till the end, though largely predictable. The book does not take too long to land up to the last.
The idea of the author to turn into a best selling author and gain fame after making herself to the low standards is nothing but unappreciable. This can be argued upon largely, but that is how I see it. Also, the language and phrases in the book are from the best seller, Ravi Subramanian, as it has been seen in his earlier books. 
There was a lot more and interesting that the readers expected from the author of the book. The earlier ones for instance "God is a Gamer" had been a good read. This one puts me down. The book as described by Shreya as unputdownable is not meeting the standards this time and instead is putdownable  to a lot extent, as more of quality work is expected for the standards that he has put up for himself.
Rating: 3/5

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

A toast to Chocolate!

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The memories build,
the moments sealed,
with the melting liquid,
the crunches in the lipid.

The promise keeper,

the broken hearts healer,
in the tedious times,
with the multiple chimes.

The freshness in the moods,

the favourite of the foods,
eases the puzzles of life,
multiple toasts of hi-fives.

- Nandini
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

REVIEW: "Ramayana - The Game of Life: Shattered Dreams"

Book Name: Ramayana - The Game Of Life: Shattered Dreams (Part-II)
Author: Shubha Vilas
Publisher: JAICO Publishing house
ISBN: 978-81-849-531-6
Pages: 387
Price: INR 350

The book titled - "Ramayana - The Game Of Life (Shattered Dreams) Part- II is the socond book in the series Ramayana- Th Game of life where the part-I titled "The Rise Of Sun Prince" was a great success authored by Shubha Vilas, a famous motivational and inspiring speaker. 
The author in the book has a done a great work by compiling and comparing the modern day life with the life from the epic - Ramayana. The book leads to the connectivity of oour lives with the Valmiki's Ramayana, narrating the drama of Lord Rama's exile. Shubha Vilas presents the characters in the book in a appealing manner where the challenges and turbulations of life are entwined and highlighted.
The book revolves arond the life of many - Rama, Dasratha, Kekeyi, Bharat, Laxman and many others. It highlights the drama of Rama's exile. The persona of Rama's life is being brought out largely in the book. The books is narrated in a manner that is easy to grasp and compare to the present situations and scenarios of life. The best part of the book is that it links and teaches the mythology by relating concepts from Ramayana by applying them to the dealings and schedules of the life of recent times. It closely brings out the relations and associations of man's life.
The books takes us on a tour of Indian mythology and how the lessons of life in those times could be infused into today's life. The management of life in a sensitive and meaningful manner is necessary.
The life of the characters in the books takes us towards optimism and ensures an individual to take up decisions and orders by stepping out of the comfort zone and taking a step closer towards the contentment in life. 
The footnotes in the book enlighten and enthuse one with the solutions of lots of questions and doubts that come up in the connection of one's life by providing an insight through the quotes and lessons. The lessons of relationships, trust, faith, discipline, rules, regulations, forgiveness, obedience, amongst the whole list of morals and life's values.
There are lot of amazing comparisons that have been brought out in the book which would provide insight to an individual about one's own character making one realize about the essencce of life. It is important that one makes moral infusions into one's character and leads life responsibly.
The author has done complete justice to the great epic Ramayana by detailing the characters and bringing out their relevance in present scenario. The cover of the book is a representation of the human's state of mind, which intrigues a lots of queries, and most of which are answered in this journey of beautiful saga - Ramayana-The Game of Life: Shattered Dreams.
About the author: Shubha Vilas is a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker who graduated as an engineer and also as a patent lawyer specializing in intellectual property law. He believes that a good teacher sees learning and teaching as integral twin aspects of personal and spiritual growth.
Rating: 4.5/5 (One of the must read book that provides a deep insight into one's own life.)

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quikr NXT!

When I went on to explore the new feature of i.e the QUIKR NXT with coming up of a new indi- Happy Hour on Indiblogger, it was a great sight to land on the site with the development of this new feature which has a lot to offer to the people which range from holding the buyers and sellers privacy, sharing of the products and related information, etc without sharing the number.
These are the features that would prove themselves extremely beneficial for the users of the site as this would give privacy to them in a lot of ways where sharing of number is the major one.
The features that caught a hold of mine on this feature of Quikr are as follows:
Easy id creation and leading to quick exploration of the site, and enabling conversation between the buyers and sellers where both the parties can discuss about the product, share product details efficiently by photo sharing and product information on the chat itself. The users on the website can be ensured of the privacy of their personal details and contact number. The users need not share their details at first hand. This can take place when the users are completely satisfied about the product and services.
The main feature that come to be a part of it is the CHAT HISTORY where the users can have a record of the chat history. This would largely prevent the cheating to the customers and the sellers. This would lead to the prevention of fake cases that happen quite oftenly through this platform. The chat history could be kept as a proof of the conversation and details could be saved along with the photos and info that is shared among the users on the website. Improper and invalid cases can be reported to quikr which would consider it incase the genuine complaints arise.
The privacy of the individuals could be maintained through this amazing feature developed by where they no longer would have to call the buyer or the seller. The users can initiate the conversation on the website and then if they find it comfortable enough to carry the transaction, they can exchange the number.
Saves money on calls: The money spent on calls by calling different buyers and sellers could be prevented. This does not create holes in the pockets and has come out as a great feature of the website which makes the user to have the conversation online without making calls.
The photos sharing o the products can be done easily and efficiently. The details of the products could be asked from the users through chat medium. The users can feel the difference as they do not have to share their contact number, which would maintain privacy and enhance security to a large extent.
This new feature that has been launched by would come as a great asset to the people and shall prove boon for them.

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For more details on the feature log on to :

Puppy Pimples

The major issue that is quite near to the cause of angst among the individuals is that of the pimples and the related issues. The reasons could vary like those of an excessively shining oily skin, the stares and gazes by others towards them, the unwanted eruptions and breakouts on the face out of nowhere, and several others.
The care that it demands is manifold the times it takes to be careless with them, and thus repayment becomes essential that is quite irkish and inevitable. It gets more frustrating and embarrassing. The main cause of the pimples is the hormonal imbalances and changes that occur in the body. The levels must be maintained with the adequate diet and liquids such as juices that washes out the toxicity levels and keeps the blood stream fresh.
It is important to keep the rejuvenation and exhiliration alive within oneself for that is the sole purpose of life and we must not ignore our own happiness and joys at the expense of our health and bodily related issues, face- cleansing being one of the major one, where a clean and clear face an bring forward an ever lasting smile and impression for others, though the acne and pimple related issues are not in one's hands but they can largely be controlled and managed with proper measures and products.
The individuals with pimples need to keep a timely check on the oil control and diet patterns which manages the levels of hormones within the body.
The great practices through which the pimple and acne control can be attained are:
1. Keeping the skin out of the reach of the sun: The UV rays from the sun largely effect the acne and pimple related problems. The oil secretion enhances in the presence of sun and thus rendering problems to the skin. It is essential to reduce the contact of face directly with the sun.
2. Feeding the essential nutrients: It is important to keep in mind that the body must be supplied with essential nutrients in proper quality and quantity. The nutrient consumption must be adequaltely managed, so that the various glandular and hormonal levels remain balanced.
3. Daily workout sessions: Workout sessions render the skin free of the wastes in the form of sweat, thus making the skin pure and clean. The care must be taken that the individuals with acne problems must take off bath immediately after the workout sessions as this prevents the eruption of pimples that might arise due to the oils secreted on to the skin through workout.
4. Staying stress free: Stress is one of the major cause of acne and pimple related problems. It is important that the person stays free from any form of stress. Stress does no good to the individuals and thus must take care in the best possible manner so as to prevent the stress related conditions and environments.
5. Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash: One stop solution to the major pimple related issues is the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash which aids individual with such problems to be less cautious and free from tensions. This renders face clean for longer durations as compared to the other products. Also, the moisturizing content of the product is adequately managed which prevents the formation of layers of oil on the face. It makes one feel fresh and clean without any hassles and worries.

This entry has been written as a part of contest : Garnier pure neem active contest on INDIBLOGGER 
For detailed information about the product visit their website : Garnier Pure Active Neem

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Relocate QUIKR!

In an e-commerce world that we all have stepped ourselves into is a great treat to our lives where the relocation ha become little comfortable and the nightmares have been comfortably driven away to some extent. The tremors of relocating from one place to another could now be reduced, though it would be wrong to say the complete eradication of the fears associated with it.
It works in the benefits of the people whenever they adapt themselves into the conditions and make them the essential part of their life. Here I am meaning to say that we must give ourselves chances of going down with the e-commerce site, explore its zones and make things work in favour. It is important that we shift and adapt ourselves to these new modes of buying and selling of products, where number of choices are available, and the buyers (consumers) can make a selective choice by contacting the seller, though at one's own discretion where the transaction is solely the responsibility of the buyers and sellers.
Being a Bangalorean, I would certainly recommend to anybody relocating to Bangalore for several number of reasons which could range from being affordable to easy availability, from quality satisfying to best deals being available for both - buyers and sellers.
The experience of shifting and relocating could well be narrated by the IT people or the people into some transferable job, where the insecurities are always associated of thinking about where next and planning out the transfer of luggage and stuff from one place to another. has done the job easier. Here, first we can sell our products from the initial location and later on purchase the products in that area according to the needs and requirements. 
Here, in the Bangalore the experience with has come to serve me beautifully for searching the essential commodities and products on the site was easier and making the choice by meeting the sellers was a great one with lesser number of hassles. The negotiations could be made comfortably and the products exchange were genuine and not fake. 
The furniture requirements such as those of a bed, bedding, table, chairs could be done conveniently and aptly. Also the settings in kitchen could be done in the least possible time. With this the major arrangements in the home were done quiet quickly and properly.
With it was easier as the products were arranged and marked properly in their respective categories. Due to this spotting the sellers and dealers in the area was comfortable and the transactions could be made without much haste. The things which I needed for my flat coud be found easily on and was able to make fast paced fulfillment of the needs. 
There are certain points that must be kept in mind whie making the exchanges and the experience turns out to be good and in favour of both, the buyers and sellers. This makes the journey of shopping with an e-commerce site complete and appropriate.
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