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The Shopping Spree with Quikr and Blogadda

Shopping is something that makes the days and life wonderful in so many ways, drives the hormones and sets good mood all around. To add to the joys of Diwali fest, Quikr and BlogAdda in collaboration with each other came out with a great initiative and bringing great joy to the bloggers. #CelebrateBlogging has been so much fun throughout, presenting and coming up with great surprises and making the festival season brighter and mesmerizing.
From here I would take you on a ride to the experience I had of shopping with quikr and Blogadda with a lofty amount value of INR 5000 being promised to the bloggers at the end of the activity.
Account Creation: 

It is very easy to make an account with Quikr, by following simple steps of registering the id. It asked me to make a miss call to the number - 1800-200-4141, and the account was verified and I could proceed with the signing up from there on.
Selection of the City: 

There was an option of selecting the city out from the long list of cities. I proceeded by clicking from Delhi, for the lovely Dilli is very close to me, and I have never come to leave this place for span of not more than a week in one go.
Choosing the category: 

The category has been neatly organised. There are lots of categories and we can proceed as per our needs and desires. Since I am huge on reading and a bibliophile that I am, I began my shopping spree by choosing Books and magazines under the home and lifestyle category.
Selecting the dealer:

From the Books and magazines classifieds, I could locate a books and novels dealer from Kamla Nagar, New Delhi. I noted down the number and contacted the person for books. To my surprise, he was having a huge collection of 600+ first-hand novels imported from USA at a very fair, decent and affordable price that I brought lots of books that would be read for next 6 months or more. I even managed to negotiate on the price of the books on the call itself and a little more when I visited the store. He provided the address to his stall and next day I was right there to get my hands on the books.
Below is the screenshot of the link where I found the dealer’s details and the contact number, and I proceeded to get this new different kind of shopping experience. Since this was my first time, I decided play safe with this shopping spree and went to find the best and useful books for myself.

The browse page and the category page links from where I located the dealer is as follows: 
Books and Magazines (contains link to the category)

I got a good and a huge collection of books which are listed as follows -
a)     My sporting Heroes – Sir Ian Botham
b)     Steve Jobs – by Walter Isaacson
c)      Memories of Midnight – Sidney Sheldon
d)     If tomorrow comes – Sidney Sheldon
e)     Torment – Lauren Kate
f)       The Leadership secrets of Genghis Khan – John Man
g)     Deception Point – Dan Brown
h)    Into the Wild – John Krakauer
i)       A twist in the tale – Jeffery Archer
j)       Only Love is Real – Dr. Brian Weiss
k)     The Lowland – Jhumpa Lahiri
l)       The confession – John Grisham
m)  Appointment with death  - Agatha Christie
n)    Echo Burning (LEE Child) – Jack Reacher
o)     Why didn’t they ask Evans? – Agatha Christie
p)     Jeff in Venice and Death in Varanasi – Geoff Dyer
q)     Animal’s People – Indra Sinha
r)      Bloodline – Sidney Sheldon
s)      Paulo Coelho’s books –
i)                   Veronica decides to die
ii)                The fifth mountain
iii)              The Zahir
iv)               The Valkyries
v)                 The Devil and Miss Prym
vi)               Eleven Minutes
vii)            The Witch of Portobello
viii)          By River Piedra I sat and cried
ix)               The Pilgrimage
x)                 The Alchemist
The images I captured after getting the books are attached below.

I am so happy to have this huge wonderful collection and range of books with me. These would definitely be with me and giving me the best of times.

This all has been possible through the great initiatives taken in collaboration by Quikr and Blogadda whose website links are as follows

For Quikr, click
For Blogadda, click

The browse page and the category page links from where I located the dealer is as follows: 
Books and Magazines (contains link to the category)

Blogadda and quikr provided a limit to spend INR 5000 through website and share the experience.

During the shopping spree: 

I was in some doubts of whether the details provided by the dealer were genuine or not, another one being should I call the dealer and confirm about the books and their availability.

After calling and gathering all the details, I was little comforted and gained confidence to have this experience of shopping.

The dealer had the amazing collection of books, presented me a huge collection of amazing novels and offered me great discounts on some of the expensive books. The dealer provided with his visiting card and also offered to deliver books at home in future.

When I came back home after spending a lofty amount on books which I am sure would be reimbursed by Quikr after the completion of the activity, I was not questioned, that's definitely the best part when one goes around shopping for books.

Thank you Blogadda and Quikr for drifting me into this wonderful shopping experience and providing me to spend time with books, they are the love of my life.

Overall Experience: 

This was a lovely walk through this new way of going around shopping and getting all the details at one's disposal about the things easily, though they have to verified and then followed.

This post is a part of activity at

The Diwali Fest!

There is nothing like Diwali that defines pure fulfillment of fun, joy, pleasure, happiness, craziness and bliss, and the best of the forms of human expressions and emotions, when you know it is going to be with family, it knows no limits and the celebrations know no levels, it is all about sinking in the moments and taking away the best of memories for the hole year along.

Like all the Indians, I am no exception, and there have been so many memories that have been personally associated with the Diwali celebrations, each year has the creation of new stories to be mesmerized life-long.

When one has been away from home, it turns out to be the perfect icing on the cake, for all the special attention one receives and I have experienced it so well over time and again. The surprises and gifts waiting to be revealed have their own thrill associated with it, and who does not love surprises? Well, I don’t know much about you, I would love it from you even!

Another great thing about Diwali is the unlimited food stuff that keeps getting prepared in the kitchens and the delicacies that keep coming home one after the other after all those gift-exchanging mechanisms is a pure delight. And when one gets special treatment, the enthusiasm is multiplied manifold and leads to ultimate bliss.

Diwali celebrations are getting more meaningful with more extended celebrations with family and friends. Getting the gifts ready, exchanging them, and meeting people almost after a year with lots of chit -chats, laughter and fun to be shared.

The idea of celebrations fills the home with lots of excitement and enthusiasm, and all efforts and ideas go into practice that have been nurtured and built throughout the year for the Diwali celebrations.

The best greetings that I go on to exchange are the quick smiles and wishes with so many people in my neighbourhood, on the calls, and to the people I meet throughout the day.

This Diwali, I have planned to visit Orphanage and take gifts for the children along with sweets and chocolates and spend time with them, listen and share laughter, spread smiles and make them happy for the day. The difficulty I face there is to hold back tears for certain reasons, not that I am too weak with emotions. I know I will visit, promise.

The evening is going to be filled with so many activities planned with the family. The lightening of diyas followed by Lakshmi pujan, following the methods and measures set by my late grandfather, then sitting for dinner and talks that would continue till morning, may be.

I wish this Diwali to be a great and memorable one for everyone, that it brings multiple joys and happiness.

I hope everyone has a very happy #GharWaliDiwali or #WithoutGharWaliDiwali (for friends n members who are away).

For more stories and ideas of people's celebrations, click here : GharwaliDiwali.

For example, have a look at this wonderful video:

Happy Diwali Everyone. Have a great time.


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