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Book Review : God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramanian

Details of the book:
Title: God is a Gamer
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Publisher:  Penguin Books India
Price: INR 299/-
Year: 2014
Pages: 310
Genre: Thriller

About the Author: Ravi Subramanian is an Indian author. A banker by profession, Subramanian has written popular thrillers about banking and bankers, including two Crossword Book Award winning titles The Incredible Banker and The Bankster. His works include :
2007 If God Was a Banker
2008 I Bought the Monk’s Ferrari
2010 Devil in Pinstripes
2011 The Incredible Banker
2012 The Bankster
2013 Bankerupt
2014 God is a Gamer

Book Review: To begin with the review, the book kept me up throughout the night without letting me keeping it down. Ravi Subramanian has done the justice with his work like the way he did with “If God was a Banker”. The cover page of the book also captured my attention and made me to go ahead with the book.

The book “God is a Gamer” is the first one to introduce the concept of virtual currency and brings it out in the plot appropriately and takes the world by storm and sets in the possibilities of its future. As I liked the concept of virtual currency, I must say this is what readers might appreciate for this.

The story takes place in Mumbai (India) and Washington D.C (USA). The story sets in with the deep conversations among the corporate leads, one of them being Joseph Saunders, the Chief Executive Officer of the Visa International and the other one being Vijay Banga, President of the Mastercard International.

There is a small gaming company owned by an entrepreneur, Aditya Rao. The company later goes on to make its place on the World map after Varun, the part-time drug dealer joins it and turns the tables around for the company, and changes its fortune.

After a year, Wikileaks shakes the US government by bringing in the story of the Bitcoins. This is followed by an explosion that takes the life of a bureaucrat making the FBI to chase and sort the case.

In India, a chief banker dies after slipping from the building top in the middle of a party. Meanwhile, the world is being turned upside-down with the bitcoins, growing by each day. Also, the finance minister comes to realize of the promises that he made, which cost him beyond he thought.

The novel has mixed set of emotions set out in the novel, making the readers to discover of various possibilities, which would ultimately be proven wrong when the novel would be towards the end. The author in the novel aptly lays the importance of social media and the smart phones in the daily lives and how they affect the personal and professional markets.

The story is quick and keeps you engaged in the mixed rage of the events taking place. The plot has been executed well and makes the reader to turn the pages, without testing the patience, indeed.

“God is a Gamer” is a world where money means nothing, martyrs are villains, predators are prey, assassination is taught by the ancient Greeks, and nothing is as it seems.

Rating : 4/5

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Healthy Child - From House to a Home!

A healthy family leads a healthy, wealthy and happy life no matter whatever the circumstances may be, the immunity to face the toughest challenges multiplies manifold because a healthy family comes in unison to face the situations courageously without much of ifs and buts in real life.

Children are the harbingers in the family. If they are healthy and happy, everything around in the home is healthy. The atmosphere and the aura in the surroundings around them is cheerful and joyful, spreading and exchanging smiles with everyone they go on to meet on their way.

Children are a matter of great pride and joy for the family. They are torch-bearers of the family. They need to maintain a healthy lifestyle that keeps them in a good state of mind and enable them to lead a life in a meaningful and efficient manner.

Immunity is something that must be well taken care of for the children, as it helps and aids them to fight the infections, diseases and other ailments that might accidently happen. A healthy and nutritious diet should be kept in mind and must be given to kids to carry a good breeze around them.

Children in family are multiple reasons of joy. A minute little thing happens to them, and the whole family feels down. I could really feel it when once I fell ill and the whole family went crazy and was on nerves to set me alright and bring-me-back! Yes.

I could clearly see the silence in the home all around. No one was feeling great about the joys and happiness of the festivals even, and when I was all fine, there was life bring brought back into the house. We went on to celebrate the festival occasions again. The things were in literal sense way too different from the real festival date to the date we celebrated it on.

And then began the lessons from every nook and corner of the home for healthy diet and food to be taken. Also, I was being suggested to include a teaspoon of Dabur Chywanprash into the diet as it shall help on to build the immunity quite appropriately and quickly. This came to be delved into my habits of having it since I liked the flavour and the fragrance that came of its ingredients.

This clearly brings in the point of maintaining a strong and healthy lifestyle. This shows how the illness of a little one goes on to decide the degree of happiness of the family. Children in family are the cheer-leaders and set in the atmosphere, running from one corner of the home to the other.

Children are what make “House” to be defined as “Home”. They have that tremendous power lying with them that sets the degree of moods in the family. Children might not initially realize the value of this underlying virtue of theirs, but time sets all the operations, for one day they shall too realize it.

Under the guidance of elders, it is essential for the kids in the family to learn the life’s important lessons of maintaining a healthy lifestyle routine. It is important to impart the teachings of a energy filled healthy proper lifestyle that would lead to a happy, purposeful and a meaningful life.

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