Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Food for everyone : with BOROSIL!

The funny food,
The lovely food,
The hunger satisfying food,
The tempting food,
Food, food, everyone's food.

Food for the kids,
Food for the old,
Food for the young,
Food for diet-conscious,
Food for everyone.

Food for rich,
Food for poor,
Food for the city dwellers,
Food for the villagers,
Food for everyone.

Food for the tall,
Food for the short,
Food for the fatty ones,
Food for the skinny,
Food for everyone.

The appetizing,
The tantalizing,
The stomach jumping,
The taste-buds craving,
For the food, food. Everyone's food.

The food servings,
The table decors,
The dishes all set,
The members all up,
For the food that will satisfy everyone.

The menu with salads,
The menu consisting dals,
of those papads and raitas,
with the different state's pickles,
and the breads and butter,
for the hunger-pangs of everyone.

The glassware from BOROSIL,
The varying dinner sets,
the bowls and the dishes,
the colourful ones,
the transparent ones
Containing the food for everyone.

The small ones,
The huge ones,
The varied shapes,
The varied sizes,
All is possible with BOROSIL,
serving food to everyone.

Food, Food.
Food for thought,
Food for hunger,
Food for satisfying,
Food for everyone.

- Nandini



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