Friday, May 9, 2014

Hotter in the hostel - cricket fever!

The hostel life and linking it with the cricket all the way gives more reasons to go gaga over the memories that were once created. There is a lot of craziness and madness associated with it. There is so much of fun, amusement, excitement, entertainment and enjoyment that makes the mess look like another stadium where the match is taking place. Yes, it is indeed that kind of an experience.

Well, to be honest, the experience of matches with the hostel-mates is totally a different kind of affair. And, I must say, I have lived to see those moments and I am happy about it. I cherish those days. Those days have been framed up in my memorable days. None-the-less, be there were Monday tests, practicals, finals or even boards. Hostelers live all those moments much more lively than anyone else could ever, and when its something about cricket, the level of recreation sees some other level.

To narrate an experience of one those days, I go with describing India-Australia match that happened back in 2008. It was the second final match and took place on 4th March. The dates are so clear in mind because I had my boards going on that time. But then it was a cricket final match, who would love to miss it, eh ?

All the batch-mates decided to pre-prepare for the exam and join in for the excitement in the mess for the match. There were several plans made and everything happened accordingly. There were two teams made amongst us, though were cheering up for the spirit of cricket and woos of winning of team India, We had one captain each team and was to look over the rest of the team-mates. We had several games planned out along with the cricket match live on TV screens. 

That day the mess was ours. The songs shrieking out in chorus on every four or a six being hit by an Indian and also on the wickets captured. Also the dances by the mates made everyone an active participant in the match. Our wardens soon became a part of the celebration that going on. Also, they ordered mess-incharge people to cook some special delicacies for students.

Competitions in shouting out at the loudest voice was the best part of the get-together of the batch-mates for the match that was taking place. Different amusements were taking place like mimicry of the players and the styles in which they bowl and bat. It was getting more happening like the way it gets with every grand celebrations that take place during ceremonies. 

Now, the times have changed. Things have changed. Star Sports has taken cricket to some other level with several amazing features added onto its list which are offered by none else. The live streaming, action recaps, the commentaries that take place, the score card updatings withing fractions of seconds is commendable. Also, if one happens to miss any shot or some live moments, one can update oneself with the deferred feature that is newly added to it. The info-graphix provides live information about the field mapping, runs scored, players statistics. Ths zip-clips of some of the best moments of the match can be easily updated with.

Star sports also has gone live with the updates available online and on mobile phone users with its amazing apps available at user's end. There is no complications involved. The features involved are user friendly and anyone can access them easily at one's end.

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