Monday, March 17, 2014

Shopping is fun!!

Shopping is a lot of fun,
in the life's long run.
The wants and the demands,
that are at one's ends.
The adrenaline rush,
at the shopping bash.
With the face that glows,
the happiness flows.
The more the #bargains,
the more are the gains.
The never-ending wishes,
on the plates with lovely dishes.
With the numerous #coupons,
the lists are enhanced upon.
And the #cashbacks offered,
makes one more lured.
To the gifts and offers,
off all the shoes and loafers.
The collars and the ties,
all the colours and the hues.
Happiness and laughters,
that is what all matters.
In the life's long run,
where shopping is all the fun.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#WhatsTheSmellBoss - At the GYM!


Well, "Being healthy" becoming the HOT and HIT mantra these days, gym has become one the favourite places these days. It is indeed one of those places where the smelling senses are at their usual high. There are different bosses with different smells.
PRE-Workout : The freshly looking appearance of the individuals, all set to hit the floor and the machines around. Some high on energy levels and some lazy looking ones too who are simply forced into the gym. Some might smell too high with their deodorants, some light, and some who don't smell at all.
DURING-Workout : There are individuals who keep pushing themselves to the machines, sweating out and giving their good dedication to the workout. Among them there are few who keep rushing to the changing rooms to put their deodorants so that they smell good and emit positive energy, there are others who continue without caring of whatever goes around, and there are few who begin to smell hard during their workout sessions.
POST-Workout : After the workout sessions, there are again different sets of individuals who carry themselves differently. For instance, there are ones who smell off too bad and leading to the stinginess in the gym area, where the gym workmen would be called off with the spray. These should especially care about other people and start using their deodorants, or else they shall be gifted soon by the other fellows. Then, there is another category that carries themselves off well till the end and carrying positive energy after the workout. They are very well accepted. Also, the steam and shower after the workout rejuvenates the person and makes one feel fresh and energetic to carry forward the day.
There are different situations in the gym area that arise with the people's workout sessions. For example, there are certain circumstances where one might need to put off if u r standing close to the next person who has been doing the hardcore workout or is about to take off leave from the day's workout; or may be even near to an individual who has not yet began with the workout or near to person with some good smelling deodorant smell . Just the thought of those smelly shirts and the track-pants shall make one stand away, with no intended harsh or hard feelings; or a pleasant smell shall draw people closer and make oneself accepted.
The energy that an individual carries with oneself matters a lot. Pleasant and positive smelling ones emit a lot of enthusiasm and constructive energy in and around themselves. This leads to the personal upliftment and motivation, and also releases pleasing vibes in the surroundings.
Thus, it is essential that a person takes care of oneself and handles oneself in a manner that is socially acceptable and pleasant for people around oneself. This leads to positive judgments about the individual. A positive aura emitted by the person attracts positivity and optimism, and also makes one confident to face the life and the challenges ahead.


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