Saturday, September 15, 2012

LOVE : Soak as much as you can!!

Love is one of the best feelings and central human emotions that one comes across. Every individual experiences it one form or the other. The love can be for somebody or something. The loving degrees can vary from 'ones' to 'things' or 'bodies', no doubt. The love is an eternal feeling. It carries warmth along with it. It carries with it the freedom. It demands, the purest form of love.

The moments spent together,
The discovery of lives within,
Of the loving souls forever,
Inside is the spark lightin’.

The paintings carved in the heart,
The sparkling gaze reflected in the eyes,
Shall remain even when the souls depart,
That adsorbs what the heart cries.

The amalgamation of thoughts in the mind,
The moments spent in the seasons,
That keeps the arms around entwined,
Wonders pierced for every reason.

This entry is written as a post for a contest entry on indiblogger for Surf Excel's contest " Soak No More"


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