Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sapno ki mehfil

And dream BIG,
With the dreams,
Gather enough courage,
To fulfill, achieve and make it
To your dreams.
Stepping towards your dreams,
Definitely does not generally involve,
Waiting for your dreams to evolve,
Rather pushing oneself,
Towards the goal,
And revolting against the opposition.
Evolution being gradual, and
Revolution being sudden.
Evolving is with time,
Revolt is the other option with self.
Evolving just happens,
It's no one's responsibility.
Revolution is the responsibility
Of the entire society.
Uprooting the evils,
Not setting in the evolution
To set in with time.
Going out and revolting
Against the injustice.
Moving to what you
Believe is right,
Waiting and watching
For the higher dreams
To be realized soon or later.


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