Thursday, May 17, 2012

उपभोक्ता के झरोखे से |

Internet -[(antar-jaal) haha, the word popularly known in Hindi in most dubbed movies :P] the town square of the global village
Networking on social terms with FB-ing, Twitter-ing, etc (yo!! yo!! GAIETY)
Travelling with the serves is all more playfulness and with merriment
EDGE, the simple, secure and quick am I (what a wonder, when It could give me access to the internet and wonderly my company server!! )
Real time access to the most needed information (Ah!! info-freak I am, and I am thus updated)
News, webinars and conferencing make it all worthwhile.
Entertainment and the lifestyles have been highly influenced and enriched.
Traceable life with GPS n latitude markings.

IPL n ICL live streamings is where one finds awe-amusing :D
Sleek plug 'n' play is the USB sticks and pleasures with the 3G speed! Ah, delighful!!

Fashion 'n' vogue can be on the high and nerves.
Updating and managing blogs is freakingly fantabulous.
Newer schemes with differing validations (makes it all more worthwhile to adopt )

Online magic, masti and masala( :P ) is splendidly stupendous.
Numerous gamings n tactics, can build up circles (friends, aquaintances, etc)

Video connects [(calls n conferencing) to the boyfriend(s) haha, thats true :P]
Offers are plenty, makes it all more baffling with the plans.
Datings 'n' outings are set out on a heaven's part. ( ;-) )
Adventures with shopping on e-bay, amazon, or may be the favourite stores ( Instance stretches to wal-mart and other stuff :D )
Finance, economics and business alerts can be set on a primary basis. (After all, an income resource, ahem ahem)
Options with marketing are huge and make it all more demanding
Necessary delights and jubilations.
Experiences for sporting, umm unlimited! :-)

This post is an entry for the contest "Internet is fun on vodafone" with the web link on Indiblogger .


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