Friday, May 18, 2012

Internet - Ek Mai Aur Ek Tu!!

Stepping to late back in 1994, a huge portion of our population called up or rang to the bank counters to check out on their balances. It even lasted in the ways that clients waited for the paper made statements to arrive by the mail. Weather forecasts were being announced on TV shows. The news updates could be found in the next day's newspaper. Outdoors were an added advantage to see upon the other side. People kind of involved more among social conversations and evening meets and get together.

Long back memory, I still remember the life of my late grandfather, his efforts being put into business, his way of managing out things. Being on the net was no-where nearby. Time passed on and situations were largely in the hands of next generation being carried up by my father and his brothers. Technologies changed. Advancements were little more as could be noticed. Back then, most of the working methodologies modified. Things changed even more when I entered into my teens.

The legacy, stepped ahead, when my brothers involved into business alongwith their studies, haha, then along came an experimental browser called Mosaic, followed upon by an improved browser from Netscape. And if one owed a computer, one located and discovered a new way to this cool, new thing called the World Wide Web. Mosaic and Netscape were then the latest release popular connections to what came to be known as the information superhighway and followed the first browser by Tim Berners-Lee called WorldWideWeb.

The Networking and Web connections have moulded the lives largely. The transformations into the living standards have been wide open. The huge frame systems, which lately turned down to mini, then to the micro world, switching over to laptops and notebooks subsequently. And when I personally asked dad to get me an I-phone or a smartphone, his never-ending questions started to pour. I had no choice but to convince (wink) him with all the pros I could. Getting him into the confidence is the major issue. Nothing would hinder than.

Next, switching to the handsome set was mesmerizing. I am probably a Vodafone user for over half a decade now. The internet over vodafone network helped me in damn so many fields. It started with making my Mom happy for several reasons. She is always a blessing for me and when I begin things with keeping her at a prime importance, things excel. Yes, I helped her with cooking. I downloaded podcasts with the dishes she was eager to learn and made her to prepare yet another plenty number of dishes. Then she loves viewing interiors and other decorations, which for my own benefits, I rejoice her with them.

Dad always had/has problems with me being on the phone, but  he is cute n generous enough, probably gets easily convinced, and that a passionate hug I receive every-time from him after his scolds and never-ending queries. I like that. I impress him with plenty things. He is an immensely simple and a sober human. With internet on phone, I always make him feel relaxed after his tiring day. I show him interesting videos, then the songs of Hema Malini and Rekha. I profoundly love that smile. He is relinquished and mission successful. Thanks to the Vodafone Internet services, which are quick enough to get me on toes with all the options that I need anywhere and anytime.

And when it starts for me, I have numerous things to carry out, I'm laborious, u know (:P). I get tickets booked, no no, not just traveling 'n' touring, more of movie scheduling (haha, movie-freak, I have turned to). The live streamings of cricket matches, football tournaments, tennis matches, is wonderly profound. Entertainment and the lifestyles with the latest trends are on the fingertips. Social networking would top the list for anything. Facebook-ing, twittering, chats, etc that keeps me happy and joyous all the time. Magic, movie, masti and masala is highly stupendous. 

The time when my serious nerves get activated, I do turn onto news, conferences, webinars, lectures, etc. Managing and keeping myself upto-date with the information has always been my motive since childhood. Blogging is freakingly fantabuluous. The fun I have is plenty, numerous infact. Games provide unimaginable refreshments. New techniques, brain-exercising, etc could be taken for granted with the internet, since the mind is always busy tackling may be some weird query or a serious issue or may be something worthed. Online shopping could get me things in just a day or two, just with a click on the order, and for the payments, yes, well, dad is always at his office counter, haha.

Stepping ahead, people can play travel agents and get on to book all the elements of a vacation online. Bills could be arranged to be paid online. A mail delivery could be put on hold. The directions to an unknown location could be located in no time and the long term weather forecasting can be made before the packing begins. Even during the vacation, one can log onto the Web to have a hold on with news from their hometown paper or TV station, and stay connected.

In its beginning first decade, the Web has tremendously altered the pace of popular culture. It has indeed turned down the distances less daunting, rendering information at quick instants. This has thus revolutionized the communication era. Today, the audience for the Web counts for over billions and is still growing.

Life has become customized. There are communication advancements. And henceforth most of the needs and requirements are fulfilled, be it travel, shopping and all such other activities that didn't exist to the same degree in the early days of the Web.

Thanks to the web and net service providers, that have paced the lives. Thanks to Vodafone for the best of services. Keeps me connected.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

उपभोक्ता के झरोखे से |

Internet -[(antar-jaal) haha, the word popularly known in Hindi in most dubbed movies :P] the town square of the global village
Networking on social terms with FB-ing, Twitter-ing, etc (yo!! yo!! GAIETY)
Travelling with the serves is all more playfulness and with merriment
EDGE, the simple, secure and quick am I (what a wonder, when It could give me access to the internet and wonderly my company server!! )
Real time access to the most needed information (Ah!! info-freak I am, and I am thus updated)
News, webinars and conferencing make it all worthwhile.
Entertainment and the lifestyles have been highly influenced and enriched.
Traceable life with GPS n latitude markings.

IPL n ICL live streamings is where one finds awe-amusing :D
Sleek plug 'n' play is the USB sticks and pleasures with the 3G speed! Ah, delighful!!

Fashion 'n' vogue can be on the high and nerves.
Updating and managing blogs is freakingly fantabulous.
Newer schemes with differing validations (makes it all more worthwhile to adopt )

Online magic, masti and masala( :P ) is splendidly stupendous.
Numerous gamings n tactics, can build up circles (friends, aquaintances, etc)

Video connects [(calls n conferencing) to the boyfriend(s) haha, thats true :P]
Offers are plenty, makes it all more baffling with the plans.
Datings 'n' outings are set out on a heaven's part. ( ;-) )
Adventures with shopping on e-bay, amazon, or may be the favourite stores ( Instance stretches to wal-mart and other stuff :D )
Finance, economics and business alerts can be set on a primary basis. (After all, an income resource, ahem ahem)
Options with marketing are huge and make it all more demanding
Necessary delights and jubilations.
Experiences for sporting, umm unlimited! :-)

This post is an entry for the contest "Internet is fun on vodafone" with the web link on Indiblogger .

Sunday, May 13, 2012

MOM : I Love You!!

You are always there for me with a smile,
Your praises and comments make it all worthwhile.

As I strive to do my very best,
And emerge victorious facing every test.

You go out of your way to give me hope,
In you I find the strength to cope.

You give with love, not merely out of duty,
My days are daily burnished by that beauty.

Love you MAA!! <3
A true visionary, my mom, Mrs. Sunita Garg has always been ahead of her times. She is a human being of quality who firmly believes in converting her vision into reality effectively and with her best of efforts. My own life has gone from strength to strength under her guidance.

Her dynamic personality exudes confidence as she graces us with her august presence at all the times. Her deep is a joy to all the family members and her commitment to life is largely evident in the amount of time she spends for the benefit of the family and others.

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love” - Mildred B. Vermont. Assuming her various roles as wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, niece, sister and role model with grace and aplomb as a MOTHER, she has been a figure on whom a child can always depend on at all the times.

The life she leads exemplifies her belief that one has to have a passionate interest in self-sacrifice. The interest should give the person an urge to explore and a zest for life, and keep child-like enthusiasm and curiosity alive.

As an invaluable member of the family, she has been a perennial source of illumination and inspiration for everyone alike. She is constantly encouraging and motivating me to perform beyond potential, helping me do and become more than I ever thought was possible.

I thank her for always being there to motivate me to my best and to inspire me to achieve the impossible and blooming heights. I couldn't otherwise, I do appreciate all that you have done.

On this Mother's Day, after spending 22 years under your cover, I dedicate this post to you. Love you Maa. :*

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Need : The Rise

All of us can make something good... And doing your share and doing my share can change the future of this generation. How can poverty exist if its just a matter of policy? This would be the thought that would have crossed each of the minds as this question comes up. Is the shining India ready for, who are educated and eager for a revolution ?

India, can you hear me ?
It is indeed our foremost duty as youth of challenging today to be benefited and take advantage of all the opportunities that we can get to enhance and develop ourselves and acquire better awareness and understanding. I believe that everyone out in the land is destined for something greater than themselves. That is why I would be delighted and thereby like to encourage everyone to take into heart all of the things what they learn from all the great men (and women too). I wish they motivate and help in realizing what potential you possess and the capability of the many things and that you can make landmarks in your own ways. As what they aptly say, a thousand miles journey begins with a step. May those efforts now be a step forward into realizing the desires and goals, and may it be a step up as well for you take challenges for you to be the person you ought to be.

In-fact, if there were new discoveries, new inventions, new ideas, new innovations, instead of the same old methods and ways of accomplishing it, and same doubts and challenges in the end, why don't we look at a new technique, the way we can attack it ? We want to look at something that is little difficult, energized, something new and livelihood. How can merely a few groups of passionate individuals with technical backgrounds (business, engineering, etc) change the lives of people.

Seeing a threat, or a potential solution about it and then not doing anything about it, is merely ignorance. Letting free flow of corruption, enabling all of these things to come in between them and what a human potential is.. or even being a citizen, doing something for the society. If you allow millions of these people to live in sticks and sheets, then its only ethically right that we look for a way to make it better. The point is how do we make these livings better?

Ok. inturn, it depends on how people decide on to apply mindsets and its skills – and whether they make wise and smarty conclusions and address the genuine needs – that makes the difference ultimately.

Be bold enough to try the new, because in the end , impossible is not a fact, it’s just an opinion.



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